A Current Affair challenge is about creating a TV program, including your key messages, unique to your business or company. For example, internal topics like promotions, achievements, new directions, values, key developments, year forecast, new products, competitors, and of course the Boss!

The teams create a program from scratch,  and the resulted film is shown either after the session, or at night over dinner. Usually, each group of 8 – 10 people designs and produces a 3-4 minute episode. They need to incorporate a series of stories that will headline the program.

Each team gets a brief, based on pre-determined content, such as team values, strategy, team goals and products etc. There are no prohibited topics – actors and sports, hot gossip,  awful neighbours, finance horrors – the more, the merrier!

Teambuilding New Zealand provides everything for the show: costumes and requisite, make-up, cameras, editing, music, stunt coordinators, acting instructors, an MC, even awards for the best clips.

Are you ready to know which team can come up with the most outrageous stories? Just give us a call, and have fun at your own Oscars or Emmy’s, with awards for Best Location, Camera Work, OneLiners, Actress etc.