Abseiling Adventure is a fantastic journey – the views are simply breathtaking! Works for groups up to 100 people. Can take 2 hours or more.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and we offer plenty of opportunities for abseiling as a teambuilding activity. Teams will get the adrenaline rush while trying out this adventure. It is perfectly safe, though – we take care of safety, equipment, and instructions.

Abseiling Adventure can be combined with other active team building exercises, such as Rock Climbing, Orienteering, Scavenger Hunts. We can offer any adventure challenge that suits your needs – with many locations all around the country to choose from. Also look at our Operation Enigma and Amazing Race options – they can also include adventure challenges, such as abseiling.

This outdoor adventure with a worldclass view builds a great memory for any team. It gives a lesson of trust, strength, fellowship and leadership – and lots of fun as well.