You’ll need the skill range of your whole team to win this one!

Groups are divided into teams and participating through a range of team challenge activities, the scores add up to illustrate a winning team.

Teams receive Amazing Race instructions and a Scavenger Hunt Map of the local area. Located on the map are various activities to choose from all of which are at different locations. Teams need to strategize and decide which activities to do as some have more points than others due to a level of difficulty or time involved.

We can include a various selection of options that cater for your group – from 15 to 400 pax, no location is too hard.

  • Natural flow of real team building
  • Improved Communication skills
  • Increased Cooperation and team work skills
  • Improved Planning, Project & Time Management
  • Strategising & Budgeting
  • Developing team camaraderie & interpersonal corporate relationships
  • Brings collaboration and integrates people through quality team challenges
  • Sharing unique team experiences, breaking down barriers, developing positive working team relationships
  • Facilitated team initiatives and fun activities in Australia’s best cities, beaches, pubs and conference centres

Popular options provided:

  • All Amazing Race equipment. Professional Facilitators, Hosts, Coordinators / MC’s
  • Experienced instructional staff at team activity & challenge checkpoints
  • A cash $ budget is supplied by Teambuilding Australia to purchase transport, resources, and necessities
  • Amazing Race Trophy – engraved with company details + Novelty rewards
  • Wet weather ponchos if inclement conditions
  • Amazing race style team vs team challenges, from problem-solving to creative, sports based
  • Finale at the conference venue, office or the Pub! Beach activities such as Sand Sculptures to finish on
  • Inclusion of video challenges
  • Key locations – iconic to the location chosen
  • Mobile phone technology, GPS, hand held radios etc.
  • Photo challenges
  • Actors staged at key locations to guide the teams along

Ideally, teams compete against each other, over a series of rounds they get to meet each teams, earning points, $$$ or awards. These go towards the big finale. Teams can also have the option to be awarded Poker Chips as a reward and hedge their bets as they play the game.