This team building activity doesn’t depend on time or location, and it works for any group size.

Beat the Tweet challenges your team via Twitter – the participants will solve puzzles and look for answers that are no more than 140 characters long. This team activity is very flexible and creative and can be organized at any location. For instance, we can use Beat the Tweet to lead a group of participants to a set location – a conference, dinner of meeting place.

It only requires a smartphone, and your team is ready to go! Participants receive all sort of clues via Twitter: maps references, text messages, audio instructions or pictures.  The team has to collaborate and find hidden rewards on their way through the city. To do that, they need to solve quizzes, logic riddles or creative challenges.

Beat the Tweet highlights:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Involves creative teamwork
  • Promotes cooperation of all members of your team
  • Multiple skills sets are drawn upon
  • Utilizes the digital medium
  • Incorporates creativity and team-based activities
  • Doesn’t depend on weather
  • A digital record of the event is provided as a memento