Many people feel they don’t have a creative bone in their body – yet up to the age of 10 or 11 we all loved to create!! Where did the creativity go?

Working with an artist, teams discover their own flair, strokes of the brush as they rediscover their creative potential and put it to the ultimate test. How? By creating a masterpiece that they never thought possible!

Visual descriptions speak volumes, better than I can ever describe, so we have created videos for our key programs, please visit our Art collection:

Three key programs incorporate our art sessions, The Apprentice, a team vs team activity to win a customer’s business, Graffiti School which allows teams to express their image and Brush Strokes, paint your values.

Guided by our facilitators your team works together to design and paint an impressive masterpiece that embodies the heart of your team in a fun, meaningful and creative way. Working in small groups every one is a participant and everyone contributes to the process, which is to create an overall masterpiece which comprises the individual works.

Options include, individuals working on their own canvas, our in teams on large frames, either way the works can be part of a whole art work, or as individual features.

This activity allows teams to freely work, our role is to assist in your teams ideas and thoughts.

‘The buzz that we had after the Team Masterpiece session was fantastic! We had no idea that we could work together to produce such a fantastic artwork. The painting now hangs in the foyer and provides a fantastic reminder of what we achieved. I can’t wait to do it again!’ SONY

Requires team collaboration, listening skills, strategy, talent spotting! Very powerful medium for exploring values and business concepts.

Take away’s…apart from the Art!

  • Tapping into the team and individuals amazing creativity!
  • A business link to a retreat / conference, perfect with vision or core values etc.
  • Team creation with lots of fun, using simple, yet extensive art materials.
  • Team achievement gets results – as a team they explore the expressions of Art.
  • Development of a mutual understanding of skills within the team.
  • Opening up communication channels and foster an environment where it is ok to take risks and make mistakes.

We include all materials and tuition, music and additions.