Let’s imagine your team is an advertising agency, having a project for the most important customer – your business. Their goal is to create entertaining and informative commercial campaign that promotes your services and products.

Take a Commercial Break is a two hour (or more) activity that boosts creativity of your team.

Teambuilding New Zealand provides costumes, requisite, make-up, music, sound effects, and actors. The participants take roles of director, producer, sound tech, etc. in order to create a TV commercial according to tender requirements. Time is limited, so everyone should work really fast and do their best.

A Commercial Break works for any purpose – you can apply the conference theme to a film, or promote your products and learn what matters the most to your clients. Your team will cooperate and create in an inspirational learning environment, be bold and think outside the square. Every team member will be involved in the game, and there’s plenty room for personal satisfaction and peers recognition, too.

The program is also very flexible and can be tailored to any requirements and conditions. We can arrange it as day or evening event, run it in any location. However, we recommend having at least two hours for a maximum impact of learning exercise and a night session for awards and presentation.

This is an eye-opening opportunity to see the real level of creativity in your team. Commercial break is fast-paced, engaging, creative, and fun activity. You can conclude the event by displaying the finished campaigns and then have a judging and awards ceremony.