Customer Service role play is a program for teams dealing with customers. Can be arranged in any groups – we can do it for 2 or 200 people. This exercise is a vital addition to any customer service training.

Teambuilding New Zealand tests team’s approach to customers requirements with specific games. We often find that groups are aiming to sell rather than to focus on true needs of the customer. We address this issue then, with communication expert’s help.

We offer a series of fun exercises to master your team’s customer relation skills. The group will learn a variety of techniques for effective customer service in role play games and mock situations. It will help  your team to build connection with the customer and benefit the business.

There are no two similar customers. But by studying typical scenarios and unusual personal experiences we identify and develop skills required to adapt to each situation. Listening, Observing, Respecting and Conversing form the basis while the advanced program covers Profiling and Dispute Resolution.

We offer a series of teambuilding activities for customer relations skills development: Fish Philosophy, Good to GreatThe Apprentice  and Customer Centricity.