Earn as much as you can is 1 hour activity that suits any group size.

This powerful exercise teaches a lesson of responsibility and allows the participants to meet consequences of their actions. Earn as much as you can clearly demonstrates how choices impact teaming dynamics and trust.

This is a perfect activity to encourage people to collaborate, maintain integrity, and trust each other.The strong and fun exercise highlights importance of team values and their impact on team behaviour and performance. Earn as much as you can is a leading team synergy game that discovers the power of win-win solutions.

The game takes several rounds. Each time teams have to make decisions. As a result, they will earn or loose, the decision can also have impact for another team’s win or loose. Only if everyone cooperates, they all will win.

The connection of this activity to clients values and directions differs it from many other games. Earn as much as you can works great with our Leadership programs.