Welcome to The Premier Team-Building events experts in New Zealand!

At Teambuilding New Zealand we include original program ideas and flexibility with professional service and client requirements. Please let us know your needs and requirements and we will present a solution focused proposal ‘ based on imaginative concepts that fit budget and outcomes. We will offer free advise on the best ingredients for your team event.

Whatever the need for the event, we recommend obtaining a few proposals, then allowing time to consider the team bonding ideas. Please make sure you meet with any supplier, think of entering into a ‘marriage’ you want to make sure. An event takes much work and effort, its an important statement and a key to success is to plan and use the best people, seeking advise can be rewarding in the outcome, so just ask.

A list of categories below is just inspiration for your next team building event. To find out more just call +61 410 645 728

  • Activity Days at a Conference.
  • Creative Art Events during a workshop.
  • Treasure Hunts to escape the office.
  • Music and Dance to celebrate.
  • Evening Events to integrate the team.
  • Tailor Made games in a training agenda.
  • Themed Parties for rewards and recognition.
  • Development Workshops at work.
  • Fund Raising Programs for a cause.
  • Hospitality Events for key clients.