The Evolution of Team Building activities

The Evolution of Team Building activities

Team Building is in its general term: activities intended to encourage teamwork. But how have activities and programs evolved in time?

In recent years, we have seen the emergence of reality TV shows encroach the training sphere, from cooking shows, renovations, and amazing races to survivor games. All in all and judged on their ratings success, they have been extremely well received, and in most cases they have adapted to corporate needs and requirements.

Flexibility, increased levels of engagement and creative thought is what has assisted the evolution of team building activities and games. Team Building providers, such as us, have been able to pull in resources and ideas to develop programs and team building activities with a twist of similarity to what clients want and see elsewhere.

Success in evolution really is determined by the longevity of a themed concept, yes, Survivor and Amazing Race are still on TV, which is a glowing reflection on the concept and business model, these are just two prime examples of how evolution plays a part in our roles as team building facilitators. When you think of evolution, you should also be looking at technology – For example, a simple camera, how many uses can you incorporate into a team building activity with a simple digital camera, maybe a Selfie Challenge, Treasure Hunt, Photo Essay or a Story through images, all great team building activities which now, play a part in our development programs.

Team building activities used by the military forces and Scouts movement in the early 1940’s still have an impact today, through problem solving games and experiential activities that allow groups of individuals to collectively be tested in their ability to work as a team. Many of the original team building activities are still used today, from swings, rope ladders, bucket balance, skis, balance balls etc. Will TV shows be around in 70 years….

Team building activities over time have become more interactive, more engaging and geared towards improving relations across a team leading to greater productivity throughout an organisation. We are firm believers that team building activities that encompass the following points will grow and stand the test of time:

· Highly versatile, and fun to play.
· Involves everyone in a team
· Develops high performance teamwork.
· The value of systems in all areas of output – task, team and individual development.
· The Development of an awareness around participants trigger reactive behaviour.
· Engagement
· Making deposits to the emotional bank account.
· Flexibility in time, delivery, facilitation and environment