Formula Won

Formula Won is a high energy and fast-paced exercise delivered and created by Teambuilding New Zealand, the leaders in providing interactive team based learning activities.

This indoor team building icebreaker activity is not location dependent and works great for both large and small groups. Let your team to participate in a miniature Grand Prix race, using a large pen, string and other equipment.

Each group decides who will be a driver, manager, crew, support team, and then figure out how to get around the track as quickly as possible.

The activity has high energy and big impact. It is a bit chaotic and super addictive. However to win a Formula, your team should give all their focus and concentration.

Formula won takes only an hour, but is very entertaining and educational. Just a perfect activity to break up a long day of training, conference or workshop. Formula Won is the answer if you need to wake up the conference room and add some octane endured energy to the group.