The Team Trivia quiz with a difference….

It is well-known that everybody enjoys a trivia quiz and this is particularly true of our interactive game show: phenomenally successful for any type of group, it can incorporate any required themes, shaping them around your requirements. Our game shows are a combination of all the best interactive participation games you’ve ever played – and one or two that you haven’t! This is a trivia night with a difference in which teams will be required to solve puzzles and riddles, use a bit of lateral thinking and draw on all their reserves of general knowledge in order to come out on top…

Incorporating the traditional Trivia rounds, general knowledge, who am I, guess the object etc. Each team is given a name (your choices welcome) or a number and a captain is selected. A giant scoreboard displays points scored in each round and a running total for each team.

Teams start off with poker chips, throughout the rounds they can hedge their bets and increase their odds on winning. Additional Rounds incorporate our music rounds, picture quiz, item identifier, poker rounds, roulette wheel to hedge your bets, build the tallest tower with spaghetti and marsh mellows.

For any team what makes this team building activity a hit is:

  • Makes the dinner/function much, much more!
  • Makes the entertainment a focal point for the evening.
  • Has so many team building challenges for everyone to partake
  • Activities which lifts team spirits.
  • Fun for everyone who takes part.
  • Flexible into your time frame.
  • Large or small groups.

Here’s a list of our most popular rounds:

  • 1980’s music quiz – name that tune.
  • Tallest Tower – Kick off activity that is creative and lifts the energy of the group in an instant.
  • Specs or Spicks – Name the artist and the soundtrack.
  • Measure Up – There are a range of objects on a table in the room, all requiring an estimate of measurement, weight, size etc i.e. Dimples on a golf ball
  • Famous Faces – round with a range of photos of famous people and other famous items.
  • Where in World – Geography test with a different twist.
  • The Price is Right – Teams need to guess the correct price, for a range of 12 items in order highest to lowest.
  • The Odd one Out – just one of the options is the ODD one out and should not be there.
  • Wits and Wagers – Teams write their answers on their own whiteboard. Teams can then view all other teams’ answers and then place a wager on their own or another team’s score.
  • Upwind – Teams must keep a balloon in the air without making any physical contact using only a drinking straw!
  • YouTube quiz – answer the questions following the screening of 3 YouTube shows/adverts or movie clips.
  • Rat Race – A series of three clue words are provided and are associated by one linking word that the team must answer.

This is fun entertainment, ideal for an evening entertainment, with something for everyone and definitely not designed to tax your participants in a serious manner. We run many styles, the hilarious quiz show Game Show Mania, and its more physical big brother/survivor versions…

There are a number of different rounds to choose from, some of which can be designed especially for the occasion taking into account your corporate culture and the facilities and space available at your chosen venue.