Hit Squads

Hit Squads is a great team building activity with awesome ROI – it’s all about giving to the community and helping others.

It is a very rewarding experience on so many levels – fun to do, feels great afterwards, and makes other people lives better, too.

We won’t tell the participants in advance what they have to do. Once a group is divided into teams, we’ll give teams unexpected tasks – to cooperate with a local charity and deliver a service.

There are always so many things to do – painting a building, running a trivia or bingo challenge at a home, build a play yard, plant local plants in the park, serve at a soup kitchen. Community centers, visitors centers, primary schools all need some volunteers – and your team is there to help.

Teambuilding New Zealand arranges everything in advance, all logistics and communication with charities are on us. Judges are given key criteria to monitor and evaluate team performance, engagement, and satisfaction.

Teams are given points for performance and co-operation, by the people they served. But the feeling of giving back is so rewarding, it doesn’t actually matter who scored more in this task – it really sets this activity apart from many others.