This high energy fun filled Team Building activity will wake up any group…that’s our promise. Create a room of champions and go from Good to Great!

This competitive team session is held indoors at a conference or workplace, perfect as an ice-breaker or during the ‘Dead Zone’ – that pm time after all the powerpoints. WITHIN SECONDS YOUR entire conference group is abuzz and re-energized by this fun, pulsating activity.

Teams play a game on giant score matt’s, were through progressive 2 minute rounds they skillfully throw bags into a score zone. The rounds progress, with teams charting their performance, as they start getting good, the bar is raised to see has what it takes to go to great!

It completely breaks the conference agenda and allows the group to become absorbed in this dynamic activity that is team-based and involves everyone. From 1 hour to multi-sessions in a day, 20 pax to 1000 pax

A Team should focus on developing the foundation that is necessary to work toward greatness. Then, they can begin to apply the principles of longevity that are set forth to last.

We facilitate in a fun way, engaging in the activity is important, this we have found, over 12 years, creates a better learning environment. A final session is a creative de-brief – where we get teams to actually illustrate the journey they see ahead for the team to go from good to great.

Learning Outcomes

  • Teaches principles of team-work: shared purpose, power of positive reinforcement, cross skilling and sharing of knowledge.
  • Fun and high energy activity that builds camaraderie and team spirit.