Inside Edition is interactive creative team building activity, based on the popular TV show. It unites the team and challenges the participants to cooperate for better group performance and presentation.

Each team’s members are both the stars and the producers – they plan, produce and film smaller pieces of the show. Editors then put the footage together, and the resulted program is presented at dinner or gala evening event.

The location doesn’t really matter – a good show can be created anywhere. There’s plenty of work – props or makeup, filming or acting, so all team members are involved.

Teambuilding New Zealand can design Inside Edition the way you need it for your business goals. Are you ready to see familiar tag lines, products, and characters in the most hilarious and creative fashion possible? There are no limits to imagination, so be prepared to have fun and laugh a lot!

This amazing team building activity allows your people’s talents shine, and discovers real stars in your team. Inside Edition works great with any evening program – with the show being presented on a big screen, judging and awards ceremony to praise your team’s efforts.