This is a unique scavenger hunt for clues in order to solve a mystery, as the team race to different locations against a clock.

License to Spy takes place in different outdoor locations across the city. Teams are competing against each other int the beginning but will need to collaborate in order to succeed.

Options for this fun and competitive team event are endless and include bikes, navigation, helicopters, cars, golf buggies etc. The participants receive a set of clues and riddles in order to diagnose, discover and test their creativity.The game operates through a special website. Each team has a unique code and access to our main site where the game runs.

Teambuilding New Zealand takes care of everything: venue hire, permits, finale, prizes and awards, DVD and photo.

No physical limitations to attend this game, we can arrange it in any location, from just one hour to all day. Thrill your team and save the day in License to Spy.