Lights Camera Action is one of the best creative team building activities on the market, and Teambuilding New Zealand is one of the first creators of ‘movie program’. We made the delivery, details, and content of this program perfect and we are more than happy to help your team to create a Hollywood Movie! Your team will star, proceed, shoot and edit a blockbuster movie or tv commercial with our help.

Lights Camera Action is not dependent on the weather, location, or physical ability of the participants. It is flexible and can be tailored to your companies requests. It is interactive at every stage – from filming to screening, and very engaging.

Your team creates 3-5 minute movies. Genre, key points to include, costumes and requisite, expert help, make-up, music, even sound effects are provided by Teambuilding New Zealand.

We have everything ready to film lots of movies with your group. To name just a few: James Bond, Mission Impossible, Austin Powers, Charlie’s Angels, Horror, Great Escape, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Flintstones, The Wizard of OZ, Batman and Robin, Classic Western.

Lights Camera Action is fun, laughter, networking, and cooperation – easily arranged in any location and any time frame from 1 hour. This exercise can be included in a conference or a product launch. Viewing the finished movies and an award ceremony is a perfect finishing touch.