Murder on the Menu

Teambuilding New Zealand offers you a night of fun and drama – fantastic Murder Mystery Dinner. It is ideal dinner activity that requires a private room or venue.

The group is engaged in a memorable mystery experience. Everyone in the room is a murder suspect, every group has its own dark secret and everyone has got a hidden agenda. We can guarantee an entertaining night of drama and suspense, a mystery to be solved through your evening meal. This is an exciting team building activity, a journey down ‘who did it’ road.

Options may vary, we can even ask the participants in advance to bring specific garments for the evening – for creating proper atmosphere and boost imagination. Everyone is a suspect, all have motives and any alibi looks unconvincing. To what extent your team is ready to go in order to solve the Murder Mystery?

Teambuilding New Zealand has got everything ready to make the night unforgettable – requisite, costumes, etc. We facilitate the night program and lead the group along the story line, making  Murder Mystery the crime of your life.