Are you ready to find a way in Orienteaming? Teambuilding New Zealand offers fun challenge of orienteering for your team.

Orienteering is a fun, energetic and physically challenging adventure – great for groups who enjoy nature or outings. Time really flies during this activity, so the participants have to move fast, using a set course, map and instructions. Teams learn and practice all the skills in a training session before the race begins.

Orienteaming works great as an addition to an Amazing Race, or Scavenger Hunt, or as a stand-alone team challenge. Teams have to use compass and map in order to find lost treasure, check points on a map, or retrieve items in a given time frame. GPS makes everything more complicated, so good old compass it is.

We put your team out into the woods, so they need to cooperate and use all their skills to find a way to the meeting point. We can also arrange Orienteaming in park areas and CBD locations. Distances vary from case to case, but usually a 5km radius area is more than enough. We can also use natural obstacles for more challenge – locations with rugged terrain and lots of features, woods and trees.