This is Team vs Team activity, where only one team can win the glory in an amazing challenge program!

Outthink and Outplay is an escape from the conference room, that lets your team explore the local area and perform some serious team building in a form of fun and engaging Scavenger Hunt Race.

Outthink: Each team receives money, instructions and a Scavenger Hunt Map of the local area. Different activities are waiting for the team in different locations, marked on the map. It’s up to the team which activities to choose, and what looks like an achievable goal.

Outdo: Each activity is totally different – we can arrange 6-20 challenges, depends on the location and amount of participants. All activities can be done simultaneously, but the clock is ticking so teams have to make smart decisions.

Outplay: The central playing area is set up as a live casino, where teams can gamble their hard earned money. Will they put their earnings at risk, trying to make even more?

The winner is the team that earns the most cash, but each group with have an amazing time working together.

Outthink and Outplay can be organized in any location and any season. Urban area is best, but we also can offer a finale at a beach!