Paradigm Shift is a perfect solution for creative thinkers who want to gain a competitive advantage by thinking out of the box. It is a one-two hour learning session about breaking paradigms and seeking out new approaches.

Paradigm Shift assists groups in thinking differently about their business and its future development. This workshop highlights key factors that impacting a team’s direction or strategic objective design.

Teambuilding New Zealand keeps it short and fun. The session is all about breaking existing limitations and discovering new endless possibilities to achieve ultimate success. We often find that the main barriers on the way to peak performance are not external, but internal. Market and competitor activity is usually uncontrollable, but leadership on the market and  pace-setting are under control and can be addressed with lateral thinking.

It’s a great idea to demonstrate a short video that inspires the team members to share ideas and provide feedback to the group on how to make a Paradigm Shift in their team or business.

Fun complementary games that allow the team to see the personalities in action are also an advantage.