Bring your team together in this outdoor photography challenge. The participants will explore not only famous tourist attractions but also hidden treasures of the city or town. They will have to overcome obstacles, break the language barrier and cooperate to achieve the goal – win a Tender.

The activity takes at least 1 hour and works for any group, location and time! Photo Hunt by Teambuilding New Zealand is a special and fun event that wakes up your team’s creativity.

Each group starts with a list of locations and theme for their photos. In given time and resources, teams aim to win a Tender of Business from a client, using their creative ideas and a photo camera.

Photos and captions will be shown on the big screen at the end of the event, during the award ceremony or over dinner.


  • Creative teamwork
  • Awards ceremony or screening of pictures
  • All members of your team are involved
  • Clever twist with props and items
  • Digital in nature
  • Not weather dependent