What if Amazing Race meets Survivor? We can easily organise that – at any location, and for any duration and group size.

Teambuilding New Zealand is happy to announce Race Against the Clock challenge. Groups are split into teams and participate in a range of challenges. The team with the highest score wins at the end of the day. This is the fastest team building activity we have to offer and it can be co-ordinated anywhere.

We provide complete instructions and scavenger hunt maps, backpacks, equipment, cameras, staff and prizes. Teams can choose different activities at various locations marked on the map. Challenges or tasks are waiting for the teams at each point. The race is time based, so everyone must work quickly!

Outdoor arena is the best for Race Against the Clock. This event is great for large competitive groups, looking for a team vs team activity. Participants will need to demonstrate great communication, planning, decision making, delivery and skill setting in order to win in this competition.