Rock climbing is a great activity that builds trust between workmates and pushes the team off the limits.

Teambuilding New Zealand offers comprehensive packages for getting people out onto the rock for the first time, in a secure managed environment. Our qualified facilitators and instructors are on site at all times, and we always start from a briefing on safety and etiquette in a dangerous location.

We lead the group through the journey and debrief discoveries afterwards. Climbing is about using the legs, not hanging on with hands, so skill sharing and abilities will enhance a team’s performance.

A key outcome of Rock Climbing activity is trust: how well did participants trust the situation, the teammates, the equipment (a rope can usually hold 2 tonnes, but it’s not easy to rely on it for the first time).

Teams learn not only rock climbing, they need to collaborate to achieve a result and keep the situation comfortable for all members of the group. The goal may vary –  a group effort, height reached, or the maximum number of participants able to complete the climb.

Our Rock Climbing is an introduction program, suitable for all ages and skill levels.