Sand Sculpting

Sand Sculpting is a terrific teambuilding event that boosts creativity, lateral thinking, and teamwork. It is perfect for an event finale, or as addition to other team events such as Amazing Race or Beach Olympics. Works for groups up to 100 people, and requires just good weather and a beach.

After expert tuition, teams have to illustrate a given subject using sand and their hands – it might even be their own giant sand sculpture. Teams compete against each other and race against the clock, working on their sand masterpiece. After the sculpture is finished, teams have to present their art to a panel of judges, with a sales pitch and a clear message.

We provide everything your team needs for this beach adventure and can even inspire the participants, creating a sculpture ourselves in advance – want to see your logo made of sand? We are ready to create it!

Sand Sculpting is perfect for a conference room escape and ideal for any group size. It can be at beach location – or we can bring the sand to you!