A Special Ops Game is all about missions, tactics, and planning. This is an indoors team building simulation, straightforward and engaging. Special Ops Force is designed to strengthen collaboration in the team.

The exercise is focused on strategic planning, empirical learning, communication, and cooperation. The game allows to generate powerful but flexible debriefings and supports dialogs about:

  • Cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Resource management
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk taking
  • Forming and executing goals
  • Motivation

Teams have a list or required missions to choose from. They have to obtain information from the Command Center and weaponry from other teams. Teams are planning and acting, relying not only on luck but also on their flexibility and inter-team communication.

Special Force Ops groups are simulating a squad mission in a foreign country, dealing with a terrorist group planning a massive attack. The squads have to find their way to the enemy’s base, complete as many missions as possible and safely return to their base. Teams are limited in time to follow through the mission.

The exercise is both engaging and educational, and it puts team members into a very specific situation, where they have to communicate effectively for successful planning and action. The team behavior generated during the Special Force Ops activity can be easily transferred to work routine.