Team Beach Olympics

Beach Olympics are the perfect activity for loosening up and having a blast after a tight schedule of meetings.

Experience fun beach team activities and games on New Zealand’s Fantastic Beaches. Ideal outdoors event and conference team break out activities extravaganza. Designed for corporate groups to achieve through fun & healthy active participation. Formatted as a round robin of events, as all teams participate to the best of their ability as cheers and laughter erupt.

We especially recommend them for competitive groups that want to channel that go-get-’em energy into a positive experience. Volleyball, Frisbee Golf, sandcastle building, and other events will be designed for the ultimate in competitive games! A fast-paced day of rotating activities will keep your group involved in each event. Special beach relay races can also be designed to start the day off. We can help you organize your teams and assist you with creative ways to designate them—from T-shirts to bandanas.

We award first, second and third place ribbons; however, you are free to augment these with additional gifts if you so choose. We have designed our Beach Olympics for groups from 20-400! The more, the merrier!

Fun and camaraderie are what we strive for in designing a Beach Olympics event for you! We work with you to match your team’s energy level and time frame. A mix of active and more passive games allows all participants a chance to contribute to their team’s overall performance and keep the advantage away from those who are naturally more athletic!

The following are a list of some of the typical activities that can be combined to make up a Beach Olympics event – however, we always have one or two surprises up our sleeves!

Beach Relay Races – Teams work together either in a progressive relay where each team member performs only one task, or each member goes through the whole course for the best time.

Volleyball – Either standard beach volleyball with referees or three and four-way volleyball! Whichever you choose, it’s one of the most popular beach activities!

Hula-Hoop Hurl – A human ring toss challenge – one-half of the team are the “hoopers” and one-half are the ring pins! It’s much safer than it sounds and lots of fun.

Frisbee Golf – A nine-hole golf course is set up around the beach. Players use Frisbees and must “hole” their shots by hitting the flags. Teams shoot for the lowest team score – we divide the course by the number of players so that each player can contribute!

Sandcastle Contest – Teams will be given a theme, a bucket, a shovel and a time limit and must build a sandcastle. Judges score on creativity, appropriateness, and presentation.

Egg Drop – Teams are provided with raw eggs and “kits” of supplies. Each must make an apparatus to prevent the eggs from breaking when dropped from a height of six feet onto the concrete. We save all the eggs and drop them at the end of the program!

Bocce Ball – We play this Italian ball game on the sand with teams and it’s been very popular!