Can your team escape the Dragons Den? Not only escape, but win by using creative thinking and cooperation in problem-solving, delivering and presentation?

This is a fun solution-focused activity, perfect for a solo team building event or as an addition to a conference topic.You can also use Dragons Den to address current issues or business development ideas.

The groups have to design, market and present a product to the Dragons Den.

The Dragons (managers, teachers or leaders, facilitators or even random strangers) will ask questions about the product, its quality, and profitability. After the presentation Dragons will decide which product they wish to invest in. The activity is based on the television show, Dragons Den.

The Dragons Den can be easily organized both indoors or outdoors and works for teams of 12-200 people (split into smaller groups of 7-15 participants).

Time Required: 80 minutes

  • 5 minutes – brief and set up
  • 50 minutes – planning and preparation
  • 20 minutes – presentations
  • 5 minutes – review

Learning Outcomes

  • Creative thinking
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Cooperation
  • Planning and delegation