Team Building with Style

Do you want your team members compete in fashion design? Then Team Building with Style is the best program for you.

The groups have to create the best clothes with limited resources and restrictions. Only one team can win the fashion competition, so everyone do their best, aiming for the top prize!

Team Building with Style doesn’t depend on weather, location or physical abilities of participants. Fantastic flexibility of the program allows us to create the unique product for each client and still manage costs. This interactive two-parts program can incorporate pm and evening.

Sounds easy? But what if real task is creating a garment from non-traditional materials, such as recycled materials or items from a grocery store, or using the ‘clothes off their backs’ or designing for a certain person, ie the CEO or senior Mgt team to model? Challenging enough?

Teams also have to include a core value or business theme, or the launch of a brand, in their design.  The participants are given a limited amount of time, from two hours to half of the day. Sometimes groups work independently, although on some challenges contestants must cooperate. Once finished, the designers dress their models and select their hair, make-up, and accessories. Each model walks down the runway, and a panel of judges gives each dress its score.

Teams can present to the audience not only dresses, but their values as well. They definitely get into the spotlight – the press and paparazzi are shooting too. They even give interviews to the judges. Winning and losing designers are chosen based on their scores and other considerations.

The program and concept is created to offer clients a new, interactive and very entertaining unique team program.