Team Family Feud Games

Let your people to battle against each other in a fast paced Team Family Feud Game Show. It is a great option for evening, party, social activity or lunch event, takes up to two hours and suits groups up to 1000 participants.

Family Feud is a fast-paced game based on the successful TV game show. Your team has to overcome the average score or compete with others. We have more than 2000 questions at hand, so get ready to Pass, Play, Steal, and Strike!

For example, we might ask to name a famous George, or a popular family vacation spot, or share something you do at school, or give a slang name for policemen.

The contestants are facing questions that have already been answered by a survey of 100 other people. The goal is to name an answer, that exists on the game board, or considered as equivalent. The more people from the survey gave the same answer, the more points the team is given.

The battle goes on and on, interactive rounds succeeded by creative and general trivia style questions. We usually ask teams to develop team identity in accordance with the theme given. So you can expect 1960s families or 1980 hair styles, or TV Stars, Nuns, Footy Fans during this event.