Team Movie Making

“Fabulous, excellent, terrific, fantastic, unsurpassed, best yet ……..” ANZ Bank

Also, see our video that shows the process and insight into movie creating:

  • The program is not location dependent.
  • All physical abilities can partake.
  • Not weather dependent.
  • Fully tailored to your companies requests.
  • A two part program that takes care of the pm or evening headaches…
  • Interactive in both the making and the screening session.

The program and concept was principally designed to offer clients a new, interactive and very entertaining unique team program. Over the years we have added many features that make our program format very different and unique to Teambuilding New Zealand. We are also aware of client needs, such as costs, time and group size, so we have simply designed a choice of content options, that clients can best decide upon.

The concept of the program is simple, with coaching and guidance, teams are required to film a movie / commercial in an allotted time frame.

The teams direct, produce, act, film and incorporate core points into a 3-5 minute movie, commercial or play.

Using the costumes and props provided, the teams have different genres and titles, thus creating a balance.
What sets the program above any other program, is the flexibility for the organization outcomes and objectives. These may include values or strategy, conference theme or tag line, services or new products etc.

The three packages include many features, our most popular feature has been the 2 part program with a day session and an MC evening awards ceremony. Possible program inclusions.

Great Movie genres/scripts that we can offer, included costumes and themes etc: James Bond, Mission Impossible, Austin Powers, Charlie’s Angels, Horror, Great Escape, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Flintstones, The Wizard of OZ, Batman and Robin, Classic Western and many more…