Team Building New Zealand Scavenger Hunts are fun, challenging outdoor activities you can use to accomplish business-focused team building goals. Scavenger Hunts are very flexible in design, so we can organize them in any format, duration, location, and group size. They can also be incorporated into a training day or used as an ice-breaker to add energy into the group.

The teams have to move through the local area, face challenges and complete tasks. And they have to be really fast and work together very efficiently in order to complete the tasks in time!

Team Building New Zealand provides everything for the hunt: instructions, maps, backpacks, equipment, cameras, staff, and prizes.

Team Scavenger Hunts are great for large teams, employee appreciation days and Friday afternoons! We are the experts in Scavenger Hunt organization and we can guarantee there is a perfect match for your needs in our range of activities. Just give us a call and we can provide you choices that would best suite your needs.

Teams usually compete against each other in several rounds, earning points, or $$$, or awards for their efforts. Then everyone meets in the big finale. Another reward option is Poker Chips – teams can hedge their bets as they play the game.

Scavenger Hunts are a great escape from the conference room. Their flexibility allows us to tailor them to every client’s needs, outcomes, team, time, and budget.