Team Survivor

A high energy urban challenge that takes teams to a new level of challenge – fast wins!

Can your team ‘Outthink’ and ‘Outplay’ the other teams in an amazing Team Challenge program? This program is designed for any team or group who want to escape the conference room and immerse themselves into the local area and experience some of its unique highlights and qualities through participating in a fun-filled Scavenger Hunt Race that includes so much more.

OUTTHINK: Groups are divided into teams and receive a large of sum of money to spend, instructions as well as a Scavenger Hunt Map of the local area. On it are located large arrays of activities to choose from, all of which are at different locations.

OUTDO: Teams decide what activities to invest in. Activities are located in different areas, all with different criteria, anywhere from 6 to 20 different challenges can be set up! Yes, all of this is happening at the same time. All activities can be done simultaneously.

OUTPLAY: The central playing area is set up as a live casino, with play table, music adds to the atmosphere, where teams can gamble their hard earned money from the activities they have just played and risk their earnings to make even more!

  • Which team can outperform and outthink and outsmart the rest!
  • Perfect for teams over 30 pax, 2 hours plus – outdoors is the best!
  • An action packed session of fun!
  • Great for team building events!
  • Unforgettable team experience.
  • Teams can play each other and find out who scored the highest.

Ideally, teams compete against each other, over a series of rounds they get to meet each team, earning points, $$$ or awards. These go towards the big finale. Teams can also have the option to be awarded Poker Chips as a reward and hedge their bets as they play the game.