Team Trivia Challenge

Team Trivia Challenge is a night activity, which will boost your teams problem-solving and cooperation skills. The participants will have puzzles to solve and riddles to answer, do their best in answering general knowledge questions, and think out of the box in order to outplay their competitors! The event can also have a specific topic to reinforce key messages. The games we offer are a combination of the best interactive participation games.

Trivia Challenge rounds can run either sequentially in smaller groups or simultaneously in large groups. All team members will be involved, as each round addresses everyone in the room. Teams compete and collaborate in creative quiz, music, video, building objects, picture, history, who am I etc. rounds. We’ve always been asked for more and more rounds by our clients, so we definitely have something extra and special to add to each Trivia Challenge. We keep The Price is Right round for the grand finale – where teams guess the prices in order to obscure items.

This is a perfect team building activity for after dinner or to warm up your group before an evening lecture. It needs a private room or function facility.