Team Workshops is about the process of building a good team – ie: one that performs well together.

Team Workshops include actives and group working activities that develop team spirit, collaboration and develop skills to enhance teamwork.  looking at relationships in the team, or embarking on other forms of team building, you need to put this foundation of shared commitment in place by:

  • Clarifying the team goals
  • Building ownership and commitment to those goals across the team
  • Identifying any issues which inhibit the team from reaching their goals
  • Addressing those issues, removing the inhibitors and thereby enabling the goals to be achieved

Team Building is therefore not just a single event (though events can play a part), nor is it something that can be done by someone outside the team (though outside consultants can help). It is a task primarily for the team manager and the team members themselves, though asking for assistance is essential when needed. Teambuilding Australia has developed a number of key workshop activities and games, that gets your team re-aligned.

When considering a team workshop in Sydney, Melbourne or even Perth WA, have a good think how the business content and team activity can leverage off each other, so both compliment the outcome you desire. Our programs are flexible to be changed and tweaked to address any outcome required. Workshops can consist of a variety of options, including the flow of activities and how they anchor or compliment other sessions throughout the agenda. From experience a balance of both indoors and outside activities really enhance the training day. We create a few options and variasions on a days training.

A training day on Team Cohesion would include a few activities, starting with activities that get the individuals to think about what makes a peak performing team.