How customer Focused is your team? Or are they just Product Driven?

This fun to do challenge highlights how building your customers into your business will win you the greatest prize.

We all know that the most important person in your business is the customer. But does your team truly understand your customers, their needs, and their business? In the Apprentice we test your teams drive, energy and direction.

Our Facilitator takes on the role as a Trump-like Character, acting as a customer who has an urgent need. Teams receive equipment, a tender outlining the instructions and materials needed to succeed. Teams allocate roles and begin planning and working on their unique solution for the customer as they race against the clock with other teams to come up with a special design that meets the customer’s needs.
Your team’s creative team building skills are put to the test in this fun to do activity. How well they listen, collaborate and apply their teamwork will determine which team comes up with the best result.

Each team in the finale is given the opportunity to present their superbly crafted design and explain its features to the client. Here there is a dramatic twist where teams discover the meaning of being customer focused versus product driven and the distinctions in the behaviors between the two.

Who is the most important person in your business?
Without customers, there is no business!
This activity encourages an appreciation for your most important people – customers!

Some of the creative skills required in The Apprentice include:

  • Intentional listening
  • Skill Building to introduce specific customer service skills
  • Being proactive and anticipating customer needs
  • Allowing customers to feel valued
  • Dealing with dissatisfied customers
  • Accepting feedback
  • Having a customer focus approach through teamwork

“A lot of comments were along the lines that it was the best team building activity they had taken part in and would love to do it all again.” Mundi Pharma