The Enigma Solution is one of the best outdoor experiences we can offer. This is a big challenge that combines the greatest elements of outdoor activities into one fantastic adventure.

Teambuilding New Zealand suggests this program for groups looking for information on team efficiency, new teams productivity increase, process management and skills.

It is incredibly flexible and can be tailored to your needs. It includes a bit of everything you can imagine – some navigation, 4WD, abseiling, boat building, bike riding, and much more. The Enigma Solution usually takes at least 3 hours to over an evening and the next day. Teambuilding New Zealand provides facilitation, safety and de-briefing, but also leaves each team the possibility to decide how to meet every challenge.

Preliminary instructions are provided in the evening. They are followed by a night navigation task. The team needs to find 62 pieces of metal and re-create radio tower within given time frames.

As with real Enigma, the participants have to break codes, solve their meanings and act without wasting any time. This one day or multi-day activity is perfect for small groups of 8-45 people and can take place at any location.

Primary Benefit:

The Enigma Solution is the right choice, if you want to bring your team together, boost morale and fellowship.

Secondary Benefits:

  • Communication
  • Strategy development
  • Time management
  • Delegation
  • Creativity
  • Negotiation
  • Team work