Can your team work creatively within a short period of time?
Can your team position your companies products like never before?
What ground breaking ideas do they have that will capture the hearts and minds of your customers?

Your team is an Advertising Agency and has been commissioned to make a highly entertaining,
informative and superbly crafted commercial for your company. To win this prestigious deal the commercial must be ground breaking and have the right angle in order to capture the hearts and mind of your audience.

Teams get to be highly creative in that there are roles for every one, with costumes and make up, props and tuition, teams get to develop their commercial in their own design.

  1. Following an open discussion on what makes an effective commercial; training is given in camera operation and script writing.
  2. Teams are then given their brief with some very funny and ‘special twists’.
  3. Teams collaborate, brainstorm and perform their commercial onto film.
  4. Later that day the commercials are shown in a fun and amusing show
  5. Teams can be given an opportunity to comment on the key aspects of their commercial with parallels being drawn to real workplace issues.

Creatively take ownership of the conference theme and apply it to film.

Promote your companies products and work out what really matters through the eyes of your customer.

Collaborate and work in an inspirational learning environment.

Be bold and imaginative (think outside the square).

Have a huge amount of personal satisfaction in seeing their creative effort recognized by their peers.

Be intellectually and physically engaged where there are roles for everyone.

The beauty is that all can take part and no location too hard, Worldwide! We come to you. The Agency is run any day or night, we recommend minimum of 2 hours duration to get true outcomes, plus a night session, in a private arena, for awards and presentation.

“I want to do it again.” DEUTSCHE BANK

“Thanks again for a fabulous day and evening. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it”. SEEK LEARNING

The concept of the program is simple, with coaching and guidance, teams are required to film a commercial in an allotted time frame, for a target customer group. The teams direct, produce, act, film and incorporate core points. Using the props provided the teams have different genres and titles, thus creating a balance. What sets the program above any other program, is the flexibility for the organization outcomes and objectives. These may include strategy, conference theme or strategy, individuals or new products etc.

The packages include many features, our most popular feature has been the 2 part program with a day session and an MC evening awards ceremony.

Popular options to the program:

  • Design and scripting of movie or commercials in line with organization needs.
  • Pre meeting to discuss options and unique inclusions.
  • All props and make up experts available, script writers and effects specialist.
  • Costumes unique per team.
  • Facilitation and staffing, expert make up and camera technician, plus script writer.
  • Digital camera per team – on hand camera technician to assist.
  • Soundtrack and music collection lab available.
  • Digital still photos of the teams in action.
  • Conference management of program.
  • Formal Black Tie MC evening program, Screening of movies, plus Oscar awards and prizes.
  • One DVD Compilation of all movies, plus any photo stills burnt onto one DVD.